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lundi 6 avril 2009

Kulte vs FLAIRS


Those who felt this intense feeling of freedom aboard ferries making their course towards Dover, who have experienced defloration in an English wood by a « bone fire » evening, know that Flairs is their hero, their spokesperson, their buddy ! Also because, dixit the words of “Better Than Prince”, he claims to play bass guitare better than Prince, to dance better than Prince, and to make love longer than Prince.
This relaxed and funk irreverence, Flairs have made its trademark of it, a philosophy of life. As Prince, he has the sense for bassline and he is not afraid to be crowned king of the world on the occasion. Then, when Flairs announced the release of its 1st album, “Sweat Symphony”, neither nor two, we've manufactured crazy tee-shirts and collectors’ beach bags to celebrate !

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