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mercredi 1 avril 2009

Kulte and YUKSEK

If one had to keep in mind an french electro artist of the 'post-Justice' scene, it has to be Yuksek.
Even if musically speaking, the duet and this young 'Rémois' have very few in common, they're of the same kind. In two years, Yuksek has provided numerous outstanding live shows, he has knocked down parisians, londoners or berlin clubbers, as well as music festival crowds. International DJs have instantly added his hits to their playlists, and its remix (for Chromeo, Shitdisco, Teenage Bad Girl, Detect…) finally granted Yuksek as a pioneer of this new french scene. He has just launched his awaited 1st album, “Away From The Sea”, after planetary success of his 'Tonight' EP.
He will be touring everywhere in 2009 (USA, Spain, Italy, via England and 'La Cigale' in Paris). So don’t miss it . And for this occasion we've espacially manufactured together with parisian graphic designer Laurent Fetis a collector tee-shirt.

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