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jeudi 28 mai 2009

Kulte x été d'amour

Stéphane Manel is a French and talented illustrator based in Paris. Books, record covers, portraits, exhibitions, he ’s been also supervising the visual direction of “Eté d’amour”, series of parties happening every year in Paris, and organised by the Respect is Burning crew.

Illustrations and logo by Stéphane Manel in collaboration with KULTE

They talk about us.....Pariscope, Standard, Gustav...

mercredi 27 mai 2009

Kulte Glow! Glow! Glow!

When we were kids….remember? They were shinny, sticky, heavy on your chest, but probably among your cult t-shirts!

We gave the opportunity to few graphic designers to take them back from the 70’s…and here they are!!!

Glow, Glitters, Glow…..

Designed for Kulte by: Thomas CAntoni, Happymess and Yak da house.

mardi 26 mai 2009

Kulte x Bingo Brain magazine

Bingo Brain Party

Brain Magazine vous invite à la première soirée Respect Eté d'Amour de l'année.

18h-21h : Apéro Bingo présent par Marco Dos Santos, Charley & Cyril 2Real. Venez tous pour gagner monts et merveilles de cadeaux KULTE! Et puis parce qu'on vous offrira plein de verres jusqu'à' 19h.

DJs partir de 21h:

Set 60's : Guido
Set 70's : Marco Dos Santos
Set 80's : Breakbot (Ed Banger)
Set 90's : Feadz (Ed Banger)

Gratuit jusqu'à' 22h, 10 euros ensuite.

Mercredi 27 mai. Péniche Concorde Atlantique, face au 23 quai Anatole France, 75007 Paris.

lundi 25 mai 2009

H5 x Festival de Cannes


Prix Kodak (best short film)

No comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kulte x B-Side...LAst Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



From Thursday April 30th to Sunday May 31st, a series of inde pop gigs will take place in Marseilles (and even in Aix-en-Provence on Thursday, May 7th). It's not a classic music festival anymore because of the run but it is always called B-Side, and girls from In The Garage association are still behind the event.....still to come:

27th of May @ La Bergerie
Mahjongg (USA) + Rainbow Arabia (USA) + Gantelmi

29th of May @ l'Embobineuse
NLF3 (F) + Hypo & EDH + Lu&nl + Andromakers

31st of MAy @ La Machine à Coudre
Crystal Stilts (USA)+ Ich Bin Dead


mardi 19 mai 2009

Kulte prend la Bastille

"3"....is the Magic Number!!!!

After Kulte Le Marais, Kulte StGermain...we've just open our new killer store in Bastille...35 rue de Charonne, Paris 11eme.
The golden triangle is now finalized.....just come around!!!

samedi 16 mai 2009

Kulte x ELLE magazine

Good selection....good mag....good brand....

We like that !!!!!!!

vendredi 15 mai 2009

Kulte x Les Nuits Sonores


From Wednesday May 20th to Sunday 24th Kulte crew will be in Lyon to attend the not to miss french music festival in terms of electronic music : LES NUITS SONORES. We are particularly proud to partner this new edition which includes the best of international scene (RICARDO VILLALOBOS, LAURENT GARNIER, CARL CRAIG, RADIOSLAVE, DAVE CLARK, BRODINSKY, JOSH WINK, MATMOS, DUBFIRE...).

To win tickets, simply write to promo@kulte.fr

Again this year, Kulte will take the opportunity to organize as well a new edition of its popular 'Electro-Pétanque' in Lyon's pop garden on Saturday May 23th with D * I * R * T * Y * Soundsystem as musical guest for a relaxed afternoon.

KULTE x Six Strokes by Thomas Cantoni

This is the story of a fruitful pollination between a talented graphic designer, a still unknow budding artist who brust into the sphere which welcomed him warmly, creating a great artistic brainstorming, a creative explosion, which would, a few months later, bring a delightful range of T-shirts into the world, black&white sextuplets that would be christened the “SEEDS”.

This season, the Kulte “Seed” is Thomas Cantoni a french graphic designer, presenting to us his real passion for cars.

lundi 11 mai 2009

Kulte x Poni Hoax on Tour

Kulte x Poni Hoax
Original series by Kulte
Limited and exclusive

Don't miss them !!!

dimanche 10 mai 2009

Kulte x Scratch Massive


French duo Scratch Massive has always been quite suprising. They're back with a mixed selection of songs, 'Joy', all years combined, all styles mix up, but perfectly fitting, and voluntarily slow (120 bpm, a lover's heart beat). Ideally winding, u'll find kalabrese's tortured minimal with Gypsy accents, Tears For Fears' pop melodies, lan Parson Project's atmospheric harmonies, Pony Hoax' nervous rock, Kano's Italo-disco or the scorching hot house of Kraze ... Released on May 11th

The 10 fastest to respond on promo@kulte.fr may have a chance to receive this mix directly at home.

vendredi 8 mai 2009


Maison24 concept store....

About Allison & Louis

Yes, that’s us. Growing up in the 70’s with a mom who was fashion director and a dad who was display director for a major NY-area department store chain meant our careers got an early start in modeling. Having parents in fashion and display also had other perks beyond our time on the catwalk. Their closest friends were also ‘people in the industry’ so we grew up surrounded by super-creative types. Artists, designers, window dressers, and the owners of the premier mannequin houses and display companies in New York made for some pretty fantastic early influences....
More info......
2424 Main Street
Bridgehampton, NY 11932

jeudi 7 mai 2009



Hosting the Canadian duo MSTRKRFT in Cabaret Aléatoire (Marseilles) on Friday, May 8th for the release of their 2nd album is already an event in itself, so when we knew that UK Dubstep's scene leaders, BENGA, will share the line up of this party, we couldn’t longer hesitate, and we advise you to go there if you want to stretch your legs a bit.

Devastating basslines and overexiting rhythms are expected !

SOULEANCE, L.A. RIOTS & MARKOVO also on the flyer - 20€

mercredi 6 mai 2009

Kulte x Future

Kulte x Future
Original series by Kulte
Limited and exclusive

The Future compilation collection will be in stores on Monday May 4th. It's an original concept of 6 double Digipack CD combining talents tracks signed on indie labels and refreshing each of 6 music styles: FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ, REGGAE, HIP-HOP, & BRAZIL. It includes for example: BELLERUCHE, AMP FIDDLER, Roots Manuva, THE MIGHTY UNDERDOG, THE MATTHEW HERBERT BIG BAND, Jamie Lidell, Madlib, HORACE ANDY & Ashley Beedle ...

To win the entire collection, write as promptly as possible to promo@kulte.fr


lundi 4 mai 2009

Underten x Colette

Underten x COLETTE

At last a colette just for babies and kids! Come and discover products been shown for the frist time by designers from all over the world: Amabro, Atypyk, A.P.C., Balouga, Bape, Bonpoint, Bonton, Cacharel, Comme des Garçons Shirt, Converse by Iris de Moüry, Coq en Pâte by Virgo, Dandy Star, Hysteric Glamour, Lacoste, Lalé, Laure Fischbach, Little Marc, Luco, Makié, Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Petit Bateau x Kitsuné, Soeur, Talc, Thierry Colson, Tiny Mammoth, The Two Percenters, Underten, Victoria Christmas, Vitra for kids, holistic products and beauty care for mothers and babies, Beginning by Maclaren... And many surprises !

Boutique Kulte Online !!!!

Kulte e-shop