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jeudi 30 avril 2009


passetemps PASSE-TEMPS

As part of famous 'Soirées Loisirs' of Marseilles' nightclub Le Passe-Temps (6 rue Fortia, Vieux Port), which has become in few months, and despite its small size, the ultimate refuge of clubbers in the city, Mr. Ed invites KULTE SOUNDSYSTEM to take control of the turntables on Friday May 1st (from 11.00 pm to 5 am – free admission). Come along if u fancy groovy vibes, stupid jokes and strong alcohol…

Kulte x Battant Tour

So nice to be on tour with Battant....!!!!


mercredi 29 avril 2009

Kulte x Flairs

Kulte x Flairs
Original series by Kulte
Limited and exclusive

Kulte x Toulouse

This thursday, April 30th if you are in Toulouse by any chance, come celebrate with us the launch of Kulte's spring summer 2009 collection 'Beach Party'. A promising program for a cheerfull evening: from 7.00 to 9.00 pm, large buckets of our special punch will be serve directly in the COREZONE shop (9 rue du Coq d'Inde), with the incredible KULTE SOUNDSYSTEM at the decks, then, from 10.00 pm onward we'll go to LA Couleur de La Culotte (Place St Pierre) to listen to DJ MATTIU's electro pop tunes, as well as the resident djs of this bar known for its late nite parties…


mardi 28 avril 2009

Kulte x Battant

Kulte x Battant

Original series By Kulte
Limited and exclusive

vendredi 24 avril 2009

Kulte x Minitel Rose

Kulte x Minitel Rose
Original series by Kulte
Limited and exclusive

Kulte x La Dame Noir

Kulte x La Dame Noir
Original series by Kulte
Limited and exclusive

jeudi 23 avril 2009

Kulte vs Kennedy

Ok, ok...you really want to know who is our male model!!?
" I once saw Kennedy play at Spaceland during his Maharishi, fire-eating, diet Red Bull and Ketamine phase. He snorted PCP on stage off of some hipsters mesh trucker hat and then shot up cars in the parking lot! "

The Wall Street Journal

KULTE, MUNK, Tsugi, & NON à Possibilé @ La dame Noir

La dame Noir [bar]

Thu Apr 23: Tsugi Magazine feat. Kulte Soundsystem
Fri Apr 24: Relatif Yann & Phred (NON è Possibilé / Lunar Disco & Filthy Pop)
Sat Apr 25: Munk (Gomma / disco edits - Screwed up pop)
download dj mix :

those party are earthwide broadcasted live & direct via Awdio :

check more Music in our New Posts :

La dame Noir
30, Place Notre dame Du Mont
13006 Marseille
Mardi - Samedi

Kulte Golden days


Avec Kulte c'est un peu tous les jours dimanche, alors quand on nous a proposé d'organiser 7 jours de soldes flottants, on a sauté sur l'occasion et vous pourrez donc bénéficier cette semaine, d’aujourd’hui mercredi 22 au mardi 28 avril (inclus), de -30%, -40% et plus de réduction sur les prix affichés de notre collection printemps-été 2009 ! Oui je sais c'est dingue.

Une bonne occasion de venir découvrir notre nouvelle boutique du 40 rue du Dragon à St-Germain des Près, ou de repasser nous voir rue Vieille du temple, au Citadium, à Lyon ou à Marseille...

mardi 21 avril 2009

Kulte vs Arnaud Pages


On Wednesday March 25th, french steetwear brand Kulte released an eagerly awaited 6 collector tee shirts line manufactured in limited edition and entitled 'The Blood Project'.
This exclusive collaboration with parisian illustrator and painter Arnaud PAGES are being sold exclusively in the Kulte stores in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.
Based on Arnaud's fascination for serial killers, each of these 6 tee-shirts presents, with a very specific graphic treatment, the face of 6 of the most famous serial killers of our century in the USA: Charles Manson, Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey DAHM, John Wayne Gacy, and Ed Kemper.
On this occasion, Arnaud Pagès fully redecorated the parisian kulte boutique located on 76 rue Vieille du Temple (3rd).

mardi 14 avril 2009

Kulte vs Big daddy's dead

A Psychedelic Night Part V

Upcoming on the agenda is Daddy's appearance at the Point Ephémère (200 quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris) on the 17th of April 2009 at 8pm. With: Etienne Jaumet, Turzi Electronic Project and Koudlam.
Buy tickets here.

The t-shirts

The long-awaited BDD t-shirts have just arrived in a long, black limousine at our penthouse offices (thanks to the great people at Kulte) and will soon be on sale directly on this site and at our concerts for the very reasonable sum of 20€ + P&P. Available in any colour as long as it's black.
Get hip, join the tribe, for you are all the children of Daddy. That cannot be denied.

vendredi 10 avril 2009

KULTE vs Anthony Joseph

Anthony JosephAnthony Joseph & The Spasmband
New collaboration between Kulte and the talented and charismatic Anthony Joseph. Mix of Hypnotic grooves, Voodoo funk, or spritual soul, we are proud to be associated to such a good singer....
Be quick and get his latest album by sending your demand to:

lundi 6 avril 2009

Kulte vs FLAIRS


Those who felt this intense feeling of freedom aboard ferries making their course towards Dover, who have experienced defloration in an English wood by a « bone fire » evening, know that Flairs is their hero, their spokesperson, their buddy ! Also because, dixit the words of “Better Than Prince”, he claims to play bass guitare better than Prince, to dance better than Prince, and to make love longer than Prince.
This relaxed and funk irreverence, Flairs have made its trademark of it, a philosophy of life. As Prince, he has the sense for bassline and he is not afraid to be crowned king of the world on the occasion. Then, when Flairs announced the release of its 1st album, “Sweat Symphony”, neither nor two, we've manufactured crazy tee-shirts and collectors’ beach bags to celebrate !

jeudi 2 avril 2009

KULTE is off to Greece!


From April 3nd to 15th, the Kulte team will travel to Athens and Thessalonique in Greece to celebrate the French-speaking Film Festival 10 years.
Well organized by the dynamic team of French institute in Athens and french Embassy, this festival has became one of the most important in south east Europe.
To blow its 10 candles the festival announces an exceptional edition with more than 60 films programmed and a rain of distinguished guests (such as Josiane Balasko, Edouard Baer, Robert Guédiguian, Zoé Félix, Antoine de Caunes…. For this very special occasion the festival has even asked Kulte to designed the poster of this event !
As we should celebrated this event with dignity, we're kidly inviting you at the Kulte party in Athens, on Friday, April 3th, with very groovy french Dj Alexkid for a night to remember…

mercredi 1 avril 2009

KULTE vs This is the end cover art by H5


On the 18th of FEb, for the launch of the book THIS IS THE END - COVER ART BY H5' at Le Palais de Tokyo, Kulte took part of a Dj cocktail from 18h to 23h.

Following the event our collaboration with H5 will give birth to a limited selection of some of the most famous vinly cover (AIR, ETIENNE DE CRECY or ALEX GOPHER...)created by them, and very soon printed on our tshirts...get ready...they won't last for long!

Kulte and YUKSEK

If one had to keep in mind an french electro artist of the 'post-Justice' scene, it has to be Yuksek.
Even if musically speaking, the duet and this young 'Rémois' have very few in common, they're of the same kind. In two years, Yuksek has provided numerous outstanding live shows, he has knocked down parisians, londoners or berlin clubbers, as well as music festival crowds. International DJs have instantly added his hits to their playlists, and its remix (for Chromeo, Shitdisco, Teenage Bad Girl, Detect…) finally granted Yuksek as a pioneer of this new french scene. He has just launched his awaited 1st album, “Away From The Sea”, after planetary success of his 'Tonight' EP.
He will be touring everywhere in 2009 (USA, Spain, Italy, via England and 'La Cigale' in Paris). So don’t miss it . And for this occasion we've espacially manufactured together with parisian graphic designer Laurent Fetis a collector tee-shirt.