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vendredi 26 juin 2009

Kulte x Les Siestes Electroniques


Every year les Siestes Electroniques music festival in Toulouse (France) stimulates public’s curiosity and offers a pleasant, simple, and intransigent event.

Exceptional gigs, parties in clubs and free musical afternoons, presenting the best of new musical trends.

From June 25 to 28th, a rich program once again this year, sometimes exuberant, daring the mix of styles, with artists such as Alva Noto, Etienne Jaumet, Dj Koze, Isolée, Ghostape or Dominique Leone among others...

Join us for our Kulte after show with Anoraak & The Eternals following the concert of Ariel Pink on Friday 27th.


jeudi 25 juin 2009

Kulte x Redux Magazine

Redux Magazine is an independent French based magazine, dedicated to all creative and underground sub-cultures…Music, art, design, cinema, Redux spots upcoming trends, and increase his originality by giving the art direction of the mag to different artists every new issue.
Founder and chief editor, Erwann Lameignère, also gave to the French clothing brand Kulte,
this opportunity to produce some limited and exclusive series of t-shirts, here featuring:
House of kids, Change is good agency, Marke Newton and Mr Gordo…More to come!

Freak Fabric x GRS club

Great Idea on the same night.................... !!!!

Photo: Freak Fabric

mercredi 24 juin 2009

Et oui...Kulte aussi fait ses SOLDES!

Kulte x Corsica x MUNK

It’s a long and beautiful love story between Kulte and Corsica, so for this new summer season, we wanted to make things clear and we’ll set up our KULTE SOUNDSYSTEM at Scudo’s hut in Ajaccio. With the support of the local boutique Maresias, it’s not one but three Kulte Beach Parties which will take place during summer 09, feet in the water, facing ‘les iles sanguinaires’, each of them hosting a quality controlled musical guest revealed at the last minute…

The first one will be held this Friday June 26th, featuring MUNK, from the german label GOMMA, the second on Friday July 17th and finally the last one on Friday August 21st.

If you are tempetd, and if ever you are in Corsica on these dates, you will know where to find us… 8.00 pm /2.00 am - Free

mardi 23 juin 2009

Kulte x Pantiero 2009...already Super excited!!!!!

A good promotion never starts too early...........get ready!!!!

Kulte x Yak Da House...1984 Massive!

FREDERIC GRAZZINI aka YAK Da House has been working as a graphic designer for about 12 years. Collections, illustrations, Videos, for the last 8 years, most of his work has been done in collaboration with the French Brand Kulte….he’s been part of all.
This season, after Cantoni, Dirtlab, Happymess, Delarocca (already presented) Yak will be the last one, pulling out his Culte Vision of Summer…very CA / 80’s oriented…

T-shirts available in all good stores :)

Kulte Marseille

Designed by Kulte x Matthieu Place, the Kulte store Marseille is based in the heart of the city, 9 rue du jeune anacharsis; Inspired by a NYC loft, it will also soon featured a small exhibition area.
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, Guillaume, aka Mr good mood, will welcome you warmly with a coffee...don' t miss that!
Photo by Erik Nicolas

lundi 22 juin 2009

Get your Kulte x D*I*R*T*Y tshirt....



Kulte x Jerk Off

2nd edition of this alternative Festival called JERK OFF in Paris from June 18 to 28th. Kulte couldn’t really pass next to this atypical and protean event, developed around the ideas of valorization, visibility and prospection for the gay and lesbian culture, well beyond cleavages heteros/homos, now obsolete.
Some novelty this year with 10 days of exhibition at gallery Suzanne Tarasiève (3/5 villa des Lods, 19e), 2 evenings of performances by Loft 19, one party at Rex Club on June 27 for the the parisian Gay Pride, debates at Centre Barbara, screenings at Cinema Latina in le Marais, and an musical nap at Rosa Bonheur (Parc des Buttes Chaumont, 19th) as closing party.

mercredi 17 juin 2009

Kulte Beach Party....again!!!!

If you missed Paris...join us in Carcassonne.....!!!!!!


lundi 15 juin 2009

Kulte x été d'amour

Mercredi 17 Juin......

Come and join the team
...it should be hot, wet, and loud!!!!

18h :APERO KULTE feat Mr Appy, Peck & Anja
Open Bar de 18 à 19h.

21h :AEROPLANE (Eskimo)
ROVE DOGS (Mindless Boogie)

Ils sont deux, ils sont belges, il sont brillants, ils sont fun, ils sont le buzz de 2009 et ils sont à Paris en dj set. Respect Aeroplane !

C'mon everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kulte's diet.....

How to feed your graphic designer....


Kulte x SISTER Phunk

Wear Sisters //

T-shirt Sisters

Thomas Lélu and Kulte have created a t-shirt from the primary research made for the Sister's album cover.

Available @ Colette and on Sister's website....

Thomas Lélu is also exhibiting all week @ Colette...don't miss that!

SISTERS finaly on CD //

SORTIE AUJOURD'HUI chez Sister Phunk

(Distribution TOPPLERS)

dimanche 14 juin 2009

vendredi 12 juin 2009

Kulte x Minitel Rose

CONTIUNE EP by Minitel Rose
Out 18th June...
Kulte Original series t-shirts limited and exclusive.
Be fast and get yours at promo@kulte.fr

Kulte x Thomas Cantoni

Summer 2009, 5 young graphic designers involved in “hot” collaboration with the French brand KULTE.
After, Dirtlab, Happy Mess, Freak Fabric, we are today presenting Thomas Cantoni ’s vision of summer.
Born in south of France, and based in Paris, Thomas has been collaborating with the brand for about 8 years now, creating some of the most influent illustrations, already consider today as: “dejà culte!”


jeudi 11 juin 2009

Kulte x D-I-R-T-Y


To support their much
expected new compilation DIRTY FRENCH PSYCHEDELICS, released on Monday May 25th, check out our Kulte Original series t-shirts, D * I * R * T * Y Soundsystem collector transfers limited and exclusive.

Picture: ericbeckman
Source: Trax magazine

mercredi 10 juin 2009


is a blog dedicated to all the video clip produced by the French clothing brand Kulte.


Kulte x Huck Magazine x Geoff-Mcfetridge

Kulte x Huck Mag
Original series by Kulte
Limited and exclusive

Still available on:


Frederique Nicolau, aka Dirtlab is one of these mysterious characters, living in a remoted french village, apparently disconnected from the rest of the world, but still an incredible, creative and fresh graphic designer, all year long involved in various projects. Exhibitions, magazines, apparel, performances…his creativity has no limit!
It is with a great pleasure that the French brand Kulte is introducing his “Vision of Summer”.

lundi 8 juin 2009

Kulte x WAD Magazine

WAD (we are different) is a printed magazine made in France. WAD started about 10 years ago as one of the first streetwear/urbanwear magazine. Since then it became more like a denim/street oriented printed magazine, with great fashion shoots; always working with some of the best Graphic designers as well as photographers. WAD is now a printed icon, and also an International fashion reference.
WAD’s logo has been designed by Jerome Coste, another talented French Graphic designer, owning today Les Ateliers Ruby.
Since the beggining, the French Brand Kulte has been associated to the production of various T-shirts, as the official merch for the mag.

vendredi 5 juin 2009

Kulte Summer09

Petite injection de nouveautés avant l'arrivée de l'été!!!!

Kulte x Happy Mess

Happy Mess is a highly creative studio, specialising in branding, graphic design and illustration.
Above all though it is a state of mind, closely linked to the respective personalities of its creators.
The world in which the members of Happy Mess have evolved is also the source of their many inspirations.
In this recent collaboration, Mothi Limbu, founder of Happy Mess, gives to the French Brand KULTE, his vision of summer.

jeudi 4 juin 2009

Kulte x Valérie x The Zonders

The Zonders is an international artist collective founded by the illustrators Dieter Dunkel & Wolfgang 3000. Valerie is not only a blog, but a collective composed of music artists in the west of France (The Outrunners, College, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, Maethelvin and more).
With a strong drive and clear vision, Valerie drives the music and The Zonders their graphic ID, creating a medium in which these artists can share their influences and present their productions.
The French Brand Kulte got the chance to produce few exclusive series for them, including a range of beach bags…..
The new compilation 'VALERIE AND FRIENDS' is out gathering exclusives tracks from: The Outrunners, College, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, Maethelvin, Russ Chimes...and more...

Send your email address to promo@kulte.fr, and get yours!!!!

mercredi 3 juin 2009

Kulte x As the Stars Fall


As the stars fall c'est un cliché noir et blanc d'une lumière qui s'éteint dans la nuit, un regard désabusé sur le monde, la bande originale d'une existence tourmentée qu'aurait pu écrire hubert selby jr, des souvenirs figées dans le temps, une mélancolie amère... Des mélodies lancinantes qui s'adressent aux profondeurs de l'âme, aériennes et légères comme une chanson de Sigur Ros, tragiques comme une composition de Clint Mansell... Une histoire qui finit mal.

L'agence BOTH SIDES et le collectif AS THE STARS FALL présentent l'exposition multimédia 'WATCHING THE WORLD FALLING DOWN' du 2 au 24 juin au MK2 Bibliothèque (Paris 13e).

Kulte vous invite au vernissage le jeudi 4 juin à partir de 19h (écrire à promo@kulte.fr)

Kulte x Kill the Dj x Adam Love

After moving to Paris in the ’90s, Adam Love worked as a freelance art director, graphic designer, stylist and consultant. Some highlights; designing the royal apartments for a tearaway Saudi princess, dressing Marianne Faithfull, appearing in a anti-aids campaign naked, and designing an ethical clothing collection (winning a French Federation of Fashion award after only one season) and he was recently cited as “the most intriguing graphic designer of the moment” (Tsugi magazine) for his work with the label Kill the Dj.
Here’s the result of some of his great designs produced on a series of tshirt, by the French Brand Kulte.

mardi 2 juin 2009

Kulte x Freak Fabric

Julien Roques, aka DELAROCCA lives in Bordeaux and runs today is own little design company name Freak Fabric.
Visual director of the Kutorama, Delarocca, gives his summer vision of the French Brand Kulte, through a nice series of t-shirts.