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samedi 20 février 2010

La Dame Noir 1st anniversary

Sat 20 FEB : La Dame Noir 1st Anniv Party ::: Virgo Music, Soirées Loisirs, L'Amateur, Dj Steef & La dame Noir Djs

Featuring : stylish panthers & serious hunters, risky vodka shots, forbideen fruits cocktails, "Au Revoir Shoshanna", classy champagne, clear ice, spicy cachaça, staff you want to spent the night with, smart security big boss, 3042's Best Event, hidden under-construction japanese canteen, more lunar disco & dirty house music, fresh graphics, Awdio earthwide broadcasting, forward thinkers & Moon believers, Hush Hush Djs, and most especially LdN's public & friends who try to get this city moving forward.

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