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mardi 24 novembre 2009

Elena Gallen for KULTE

Elena Gallen (born 1984) is a freelance artist based in Barcelona. Graduated from college in Media Studies in Barcelona and filmmaking studies at the New York Film Academy (Hollywood). Experienced in fashion design (prints and illustration) and specially known for her collection of t-shirts that quickly garnered a cult-following among the Fashion Elite, Gallen combining the naïf, the odd and the minimalistic and inspired by trash culture, cult movies, postmodernism, consumerism and an unusual taste for monsters, ufos, blush, red lipstick, ligers, galaxies, horror films, transgression, teenagers and nature, the character embodied by the artist has become outstanding beyond her creations. Impressed by her talent, the french brand KULTE, proudly present a collaboration upon their FALL09 theme "The Final day". 4 tshirts available soon in all Kulte Stores.

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