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jeudi 9 juillet 2009

Kulte x Music for your ears

Here we are...jumping already in our next FALL09 collection, coming as usual with a bunch of surprises...and to start with, get a chance to receive our new music compilation KULTE Music n°8 at promo@kulte.fr

2. BATTANT ‘Bruise’ (Mickey Moonlight remix)
3. EXSONVALDES ‘A Day Like Today’
4. PHOENIX ‘Liztomania
5. FLAIRS ‘Better Than Prince’
6. MOULINEX & PRESS RELEASE ‘1stracklove’
7. FISHERSPOONER ‘Danse en France’ (Minitel Rose remix)
8. ANTICLIMAX ‘Lovewar’
9. MAKE THE GIRL DANCE ‘Baby Baby Baby’
10. AS THE STARS FALL ‘I Gave u a Choice’

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