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mercredi 24 juin 2009

Kulte x Corsica x MUNK

It’s a long and beautiful love story between Kulte and Corsica, so for this new summer season, we wanted to make things clear and we’ll set up our KULTE SOUNDSYSTEM at Scudo’s hut in Ajaccio. With the support of the local boutique Maresias, it’s not one but three Kulte Beach Parties which will take place during summer 09, feet in the water, facing ‘les iles sanguinaires’, each of them hosting a quality controlled musical guest revealed at the last minute…

The first one will be held this Friday June 26th, featuring MUNK, from the german label GOMMA, the second on Friday July 17th and finally the last one on Friday August 21st.

If you are tempetd, and if ever you are in Corsica on these dates, you will know where to find us… 8.00 pm /2.00 am - Free

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