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lundi 25 mai 2009

Kulte x B-Side...LAst Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



From Thursday April 30th to Sunday May 31st, a series of inde pop gigs will take place in Marseilles (and even in Aix-en-Provence on Thursday, May 7th). It's not a classic music festival anymore because of the run but it is always called B-Side, and girls from In The Garage association are still behind the event.....still to come:

27th of May @ La Bergerie
Mahjongg (USA) + Rainbow Arabia (USA) + Gantelmi

29th of May @ l'Embobineuse
NLF3 (F) + Hypo & EDH + Lu&nl + Andromakers

31st of MAy @ La Machine à Coudre
Crystal Stilts (USA)+ Ich Bin Dead


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